Ten Gs

Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 14:51:47
From: "Tambasco, Daniel"
To: 'Dan Stocker'
Subject: RE: domain name registration

That's a shame, and I was going to offer you 10 g's. Well a man has to stick to his priciples, I admire that. Thanks for your time and I've already registered a domain I'll be happy with. Rocky horror picture show - do kids even know about that stuff anymore? I remember when you could throw toilet paper and squirt water guns etc. That's been 10 years - that place burned down and the new theatre banned all that. Last I heard, they replaced that sacred spot of midnight on saturday with something else. Hell my last girlfriend wasn't even conceived when STAR WARS came out - scary! And I'm 27 - Not to mention this month's Playboy Playmate was born in ' 80 Do you think that chick remembers when Rush's Moving Pictures topped the charts with all those great tunes YYZ, limelight, Red Barchetta, and Tom Sawyer? She was only a year old, and now she's naked in a magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how time flies.... thanks again


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From: Dan Stocker
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 1999 10:27 PM
To: Tambasco, Daniel;
Subject: Re: domain name registration


Thanks for your interest. I'm truly flattered.
But, I'm quite happy with my domain (neglected of late as it is ...)

I wish you luck.

PS. I noticed a while back that antici-pation.com is as yet unclaimed.
An ISP might want to grab that for a future Rocky Horror fan site.