Know Your Friends
One response to Know Your Enemy

From: Albert Sunseri
Subject: deah mastah mcCollum

Yo Scott McCollum,

Dantheman may oblige your request to remove your
chihuahua-yapping of an article from his website,

but please keep in mind the following ( if that isnt too difficult a request. ):

1. He makes more money than you do.

2. Look at the pictures of his extreme sports.
He can kick your ass from here to Beaumont and then run a tri-athlon

3. He's smarter than you, and always will be.

4. His girlfriend is really really fucking hot. And she's getting a phd.

So, glean whatever trivial pleasure you can from 'forcing' him to reduce your trailer-park living-in backyard-wrestling-watching Scott-Mccollum-loving full length expose of the much publicized by far more knowledgable journalists connection between Linus Torvalds, the Al-Qaeda terrorist network and any and all types of protestors in the domestic U S of A into just the more telling snippets of your frothy and rabid irrationality and ignorance.

Oh - by the way
Is it just a rumor, or were you really raped by J. Edgar Hoover as a child?

See you in Prison,

Information wants to be priceless.
Albert Sunseri