iLove it!
Tuesday Aug 27, 2002

David asks: how does it feel to be one of the beautiful people? with a new ibook that is?

Sweet beyond the telling. From box to internet to scanning to iPod-ing in under 15 min. Justine is planning a ritual beating for the old laptop. :)

Dan Stocker
Microsoft Delenda Est

Buying my new iBook at the Apple Store in SoHo...

The spacious split-level store is mostly white, with large wooden bench-tables on which are arrayed all manner of mac gear for your fiddling.

Lining the walls are the first-person ads of recent. My favorite is the african-american woman who says: "I used to think it was my fault that windows didn't work properly."

Typical young soho types scurry about in grey, white and black mac t-shirts. I managed to grab one and asked him how I could buy some things. "What do you want?" he asked. I told him and he went to get it.

I join the gradually diminishing line at the registers and admire the variety of folks milling about. It's a kind of happening. I see ages from 8 to 80. People are happy. Some are obviously sad not to be able to buy more.

One barely-hirsute young man feigns a heart attack and shuffles elaborately over to give air-kisses to a couple. A grandmother carries a large assortment of boxes some distance before staff comes to her rescue. There is activity upstairs, but all I can see is the word "Genius" on the wall in large print.

At the register I am asked what kind of mac I own. I start to give the full story of how it all began with an Apple II+ and my SE, but luckily spot the thick glaze forming over my checkout person's eyes.

She asks me if I am taking a cab home. I tell her "No. In fact I'm walking 20 blocks to play some pool." This stops her cold. "I don't think I'd do that." Why not? I inquire. "I'd be afraid." she says.

"Don't I have the serene air of a long-time mac user," I ask? She didn't get it.