Threatening: 1987

December 2000: Hyah! Skeet! Yah!

Tommy and Gail and Gail's friend and I were getting soused at Ms. Maes uptown New Orleans. Since Tommy and I worked just a couple blocks away, we took the girls over to the store to use the restroom. While they took turns, Tommy and I set up a bowling alley with glass Barqs bottles and used a roll of duct tape as a ball.

Much hilarity followed, most of it loud.

We stumbled out of the store, locked the door and turned to walk back to the bar when a car squealed to a stop just in front of us. A man in a bathrobe and pajamas lept out brandishing a pistol.

Tommy and I moved in front of the women-folk and adopted the arms-out, calm-voice approach. We couldn't understand what he was babbling about. Cops arrived with a minute.

The man lowered the gun as the cop walked up. "What's all this then?" he would have said, had he been John Cleese. The man was about to blurt something out when Tommy leaned over to the cop and said "That man has a gun."

Pandemonium ensued, with the man pinned to the hood of his car by 2 of New Orleans' finest, others itching to get a shot in.

The first cop thanked Tommy, who related as how we were just minding our business when this nut jumped out with a piece. "You work here?" the cop asked. We showed him our keys and that was that. We weren't even asked to give a statement.

We returned to Ms. Maes while the building owner tried to talk his way out of a citation for a concealed weapon.