Alive and well, and living in Tokyo ...

Reports from Essien Leroy, Our Man in Tokyo ...
July / August 2000

Day One in Tokyo

Alive and well
and living in Tokyo


Climbing Mount Fuji
or How to kill a weekend

Of crime and Punishment

Tales of Two Cities

Japanese Inventions

Keeping up with the Jones

Essien's Reaction to the Web Site

Out of Body Experience

It all depends

The Girls of Summer

An old Chinese saying

Essien's Reaction to the Web Site
I should have known the Web Site was coming sooner or later. My email list is growing with each post. A friend says that she has been emailing the post to a number of people. One of which asked me if he could mail it to a few of his friends. No doubt soon someone will mail me it back to me claiming authorship. That's the beauty of electronic mail.