Alive and well, and living in Tokyo ...

Reports from Essien Leroy, Our Man in Tokyo ...
July / August 2000

Day One in Tokyo

Alive and well
and living in Tokyo


Climbing Mount Fuji
or How to kill a weekend

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Out of Body Experience

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The Girls of Summer

An old Chinese saying

Day One in Tokyo

Came back from Lunch and decided to take the long way around. Saw two brothers on at a cafe table. what the f***. Quickly crossed the street to great them. African looked like and most likely from west. Started in French, everyone smiled and continued in French. They are from Cameroon working in Japan, I told them I was from NY. So I asked the obvious, what a couple brothers like you doing in Japan. They ask what's an American doing speaking French. Explanations aside, it would seem that there is an African community in Tokyo. One was only here visiting and actually work in Osaka of all places, go figure. I intend on seeing this for my self so I am going to the Rupungi section to see ASAP.

More to come. A Haitian in Japan