Mock Rock in Las Vegas
January 1998

I now know that Las Vegas is one of the premier destinations for rock climbing. Outdoors that is. But I climbed for the very first time there, indoors at the Coca-Cola museum. I understand it has closed since, but back then there was a 3 story nicely textured mock rock spire.

I was back from Europe and visiting home in New Orleans when RJ invited me to take a road trip to Seattle. He knew I couldn't say no. So, despite walking pneumonia we left Xmas eve at midnight and made it all the way to El Paso that same day before we were shutdown by a snowstorm.

We stopped in Las Vegas to play in a chess tournament. I won 5/6 and took home $350.

We were just wandering around near the MGM Grand when I spotted the spire. It rose through the atrium allowing friends to watch you climb from the nearby walkways. Kristi took some pics while RJ taunted me.

I chose the easy route and still was breathing hard. I knew I should relax my arms, but I felt like I would fall off if I didn't cling for dear life. I was working way too hard, and even got freaked out by a little girl who spidered up the harder route next to me.

Not much has changed :)

She started after me and she'll finish before I quit.

Think I have something crucial caught here ...

Now what?