Dream 2
Spring 1997

I found a very interesting radio station (Princeton's college station). They play industrial/house during the day and obscure hip-hop late nights. Last night, however, took the cake.

I became aware of the same song being on for over 20 minutes. It was a short loop of a generic house groove with a tijuana brass hook (about 30 secs long). Over this a game-show-host-sounding-guy was reading the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, along with extraneous historical bits about Cotton Mather. I'm sure it engendered my dream later.

I was some sort of acolyte in a temple to a long gone power (as opposed to deity). A supervillian-looking sort was throwing me around the place in order to get at the abbott, who was busy trying to rouse the power to protect us and the temple. I remember being very sure of my faith even while being tossed like a raggedy-andy (who always seemed to get tossed more than Ann, I note). At one point the beast ignored me and started to dig in one of the corners while screaming to the power to show itself. I could see the abbott across the temple floor peek out from his anteroom where he was working on waking the power. The beast was transformed into a stone statue and the abbott and I felt compelled to walk outside the temple onto a large marble deck set into the rock at the top of a cliff.

The night was quite dark, but there were people on the deck with us. They were staring at a city skyline that rose 10s of miles into the sky and seemed positively massive even at the many mile distance we knew it to be. All the cities in the world combined would not equal the mass of this cityscape. But the cityscape was wide enough that it wrapped our peripheral vision. in fact, once we walked around the temple, on the deck, we saw it completely surrounded the (now apparent) island on which the temple sat. The enormity of it was so completely overwhelming that we fell to our knees, mouths agape. Here was a greater reality.

And then my beeper went off!