Doing it OK


Doing it OK
or ...
Saving the Baby from the Bathwater

We are Hogarthian, not DIR.

We believe in continual refinement and critical analysis. We don't believe safety comes from orthodoxy. We think for ourselves. This is how the Hogarthian system evolved. Specifically, we have the twin aims of minimalism and safety for our rigging.

Rule #1
We like the original Hogarthian phrasing of "don't dive with unsafe divers". Mostly becaue it puts the primary emphasis on safety, not conformity. Folks who believe those "folks just trying to sell gear" aren't much different from those who simply accept the DIR way. We prefer to think for ourselves. We also prefer to dive with folks who trust themselves, not a system.
Now get over yourselves.
Insistence on orthodoxy will only limit adoption of these otherwise cool ideas. People can be trusted to see their merit without hyperbole (eg. non-DIR = Unsafe). Relax a bit and let the market judge.

Especially since you can no longer simply decry others for seeking a profit.

Doing it OK

World Leaders Do it OK.

Why not you?

No strenuous

No Rules

  • Do you Certify divers as Doing it OK?
  • No.

  • Do you sell merchandise with a cool logo?
  • Not yet, but email us if you'd like to see some.

  • How can I join you?
  • Pay your dues. Read widely. Learn constantly.
    Get lots of experience. Dive well and often.
    Dive responsibly, according to your judgment.