More Email from America:

Date: March 13, 2003
From: someone in entertainment
Subject: Your ad in Variety

I am sitting in my office reading the Variety as I do every day and what do I come across? Your ad. At first since I've been exposed to the very funny lampoon of the hollywood reporter circulated by National Lampoon I was sure that this was one of their jokes. Turns out YOU'RE SERIOUS"! DO you have any idea how desperate you seem? I just felt sorry for you so I thouhgt that someone who is actually in entertainment should tell you that YOU WILL NEVER get on a show by begging. You were turned down 3 TIMES for a reason! WAKE UP!! p.s. your web site is also a desperate cry for attention and I'm sorry I wasted 10 minutes of my day looking at it. (I only went there to confirm my feelings that "this guy is yet another person littering LA who is desperate to be in the business who doesn't have a shot in hell.

[ Editor's Note: I have never placed an Ad in Variety. I live in NYC, not LA, and fancy myself one of the few remaining folks Not Interested in the "entertainment" industry. I also like to think my website isn't all that desperate. I mean, not desperate, surely. A little needy, maybe, but not desperate. Right? ]