Bleecker Beginnings

Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 01:06:06
From: Scott St. Germain
To: Dan Stocker
Subject: thanks for the bartlebys

Dear dan:

thanx for the banned books pointer...always fun to read about what threatens the fabric of our society. I also was fascinated by the fact that within thirty seconds of clicking, I'd downloaded the entire text of Bartleby the Scrivener. I might have even read it, but when it took longer to scroll through than most Microsoft README files, I decided I'd prefer not to.

I am a man on the move. Darwyn (my former roommate) and I have resumed cohabitation in nothing less than a loft apartment in the Bowery. Actually it's something less than a real apartment, having neither kitchen nor bathroom. This circumstance is somewhat mitigated by the concurrent lack of electricity, thus making our urinations on the floor much less noticeable.

Okay, so we don't pee on the floor...we actually have a toilet. But since the water's not running we've been mostly hanging out at our more civilized friends' places. There are two tubs, placed in the center of two of the rooms, and two, count 'em, hot water heaters, one per tub. It's a strange mixture of abundance and deprivation (along with a smidgen of depravity). But it's home. Almost. Or will be. One day. We hope.

Other than that, things are difficult. Work has petered out a bit, forcing me into chasing after more work for less reward. And just to jump on the bandwagon, the City has been lashing me with gale force winds of adversity: not only does Con Edison continually reschedule abortive attempts to turn on the gas and electricity in our loft, but the evil spirits of the island, in the form of the New York City Traffic Control Division, have pricked and prodded me with three $50 parking tickets in the month since I returned from Europe. I find myself playing the role of Caliban once again, this time for real!

Speaking of which, I'm sure you know by now that Patrick Stewart will be starring in the Tempest in Central Park from June 22 - July 19 (or thereabouts). It's free, as Shakespeare in the Park always is.

Well, Dan, I must take my weary, just-finished-moving-furniture-up-lots-of-stairs-for-two-days- and-you-call-that-a-weekend body to bed.

Nitey nite, bunny raaaaaaaaaaaabit!

Liz peeps hello.

"One hairdresser taped his Persian cat's mouth shut to soothe a nervous neighbor's nerves .... Never do this with your cat--it does no good and can only cause harm."

--from "Training Your Cat" by Paul Loeb & Josephine Banks