Bilingual Kids

Recently heard this one from my Bengali friend about his 2.5 year old son, Rohit.

Rohit is an unusually social child. My friend and his wife speak mainly Bengali at home, but they are raising Rohit bilingual in english. Consequently, Rohit is more active in Bengali.

Anyway, on a recent trip to the park, Rohit ran over to another small child to say hello. The other child was being supervised closely by a matronly looking woman with a flower print dress. Upon arriving at their location, Rohit looked up at the woman and said "dada," a Bengali form of respectful address for an elder. The woman frowned and seemed about to say something when Rohit whirled away pointing in the distance toward the band that was playing, shouting "gun", "gun!" Yes, the Bengali word for music. The woman was a bit puzzled at this point, when Rohit turned his attention back to her and, pointing at her dress, said "fool." The Bengali word for flower.

The woman did not accept my friend's explanation.