We Get Letters: Arsenic

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Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 15:34:47
From: Christine Belsom
To: Dan "Newton the Koala" Stocker
Subject: for you...

I've written you a poem. here it is. It is called "Arsenic".

How's your black coffee?
Or perhaps you'd like more?

The End

Here's another:

Dan is a man.
He is not Stan.
He's Dan.
The man.
In a tin can, Dan can
plan a Can-Can for Stan
He did, but Stan ran
And no one but Dan can
plan a Can-Can
like Dan can
so Dan took his van
an unmarked white van
and a homemade bread pan
and Jan (who was to Can-Can for Stan)
and saw Stan
and asked why Stan ran.
Stan said that Dan can
plan Can-Can but Stan ran
because Jan
was not a man
like Dan.

The End.