Talking to my Dad about WW II

Had an interesting talk with my dad about WWII last night. He was actually ordered to report for induction twice! Lots of behind the scenes machination by my Grandma kept him out, (he wasn't happy about it at all, I might add). He told me the story of how he wasn't inclined to fight much when he was young. he preferred to talk things out.

In college, the "local bully" (back then they still had those. nowadays it's all federal :) had been telling people that he (my dad) had gotten the date of an exam changed to a very inconvenient time (a total fabrication, apparently), despite the fact that my dad denied it to everyone. Dad felt he was being called a liar and told the bully (also the local Golden Gloves champion) so.

They fought and my dad got a split lip, whose scar you can still see. Wow I said, what did the other guy get, I asked?

"Killed in WWII."