P-Chuck in the Howze
from: Salon.com

March 15, 2001 | The Prince of Wales in the house?

Crowning himself with a set of honkin' headphones, Prince Charles got behind the DJ decks at a benefit for a South London homeless shelter over the weekend.

"Dig that crazy rhythm," he rapped, as his royal hands set to scratching over tunes like "I Don't Smoke the Reefer."

The prince's technique earned him props from fellow rappers attending the event.

"Some people come up and look totally baffled by the equipment, but he got right into it," 18-year-old rapper Allan told the Scottish Daily Record. "He started scratching before I had a chance to tell him about it."

And Darren Watson (aka DJ Speedo) concurred, saying it was all in the royal digits.

"If he got his own set of decks he could be quite good at it. He could do well scratching," said Watson. "His hands are massive. You have to have large hands for scratching, but you also need a light touch."

Heavy lies the head, but gentle the hand, that wears the crown, yo.